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Fushio-kaku is a luxurious Japanese-style resort hotel with private onsen baths in Ikeda, very close to downtown Osaka. 20 guest rooms have different private onsen baths where you can relax and enjoy the view of the great nature of Fushio Onsen, Ikeda.

Fushio Onsen ('Onsen' means hot springs in Japanese) is located about 25minutes away from Osaka City. It is surrounded by nature such as mountains and a river. There are 67 rooms (20 rooms with Japanese-style spa), a hot spring with a beautiful garden, a sauna, and banquet rooms.

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A long time ago, goddess's named Kurehatori and Ayahatori came to Ikeda by ascending up the Inagawa river from the land of Go. According to this ancient romantic tale, the two goddess's Kurehatori and Ayahatori, are said to have brought the technique of tailoring clothes and the art of spinning silk along with them. The goddess's eventually became known as the two Orihime princess's and are currently enshrined and worshipped at the local Ikeda shrine and Kureha shrine, It is said that at the vicinity of the top of Mt. Satsukiyama the Orihime princess's dyed their silk and hung it out to dry on a Kinugake-no Matsu (pine tree for hanging cloths), after climbing the mountain they took off a piece of clothing and hung it on the Kinugake-no Matsu before looking out in the direction of the land of Go, their faraway


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128-1 Fushio-cho, Ikeda, Osaka, Japan 563-8585
Phone: (072) 751-3540   Fax: (072) 751-0420   Email: info@fushioukaku.co.jp